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Hastings Overland was created not only through passion but out of necessity to empower our customers to go further. After several overlanding excursions (motorcycles trips in Vietnam and India, road trip through the Atacama Desert, overland tour in Eastern Africa, and overland travel from Russia to China), Maxwell Webster was hooked on the concept of overlanding. Upon his return home, it became apparent to him that British Columbia’s untamed wilderness needed something similar to the offerings abroad. With this in mind, he followed his passion and soon Hastings Overland was born.

It wasn’t long after inception that Cory Koesdibyo, a childhood friend and fellow Vancouver Islander, joined the Hastings Overland family. His passion for the outdoors and innate ability to create unforgettable memories are ingrained in our core values as we continue to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of our customers from exploring our beautiful backyard.

At Hastings Overland, we pride ourselves on the fact that customer experience takes precedence over anything else. We are passionate about welcoming customers from around the globe as we love to showcase our beautiful home and help plan trips full of local knowledge to ensure each trip is unforgettable.

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