established in 2017

Hastings Overland was created not only through passion but out of necessity to empower our customers to go further. After several overlanding excursions (motorcycles trips in Vietnam and India, road trip through the Atacama Desert, overland tour in Eastern Africa, and overland travel from Russia to China), Maxwell Webster was hooked on the concept of overlanding. Upon his return home, it became apparent to him that British Columbia’s untamed wilderness needed something similar to the offerings abroad. With this in mind, he followed his passion and soon Hastings Overland was born.

It wasn’t long after inception that Cory Koesdibyo, a childhood friend and fellow Vancouver Islander, joined the Hastings Overland family. His passion for the outdoors and innate ability to create unforgettable memories are ingrained in our core values as we continue to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of our customers from exploring the beautiful northwest.

At Hastings Overland, we pride ourselves on the fact that customer experience takes precedence over anything else. We are passionate about welcoming customers from around the globe as we love to showcase our beautiful home and help plan trips full of local knowledge to ensure each trip is unforgettable.

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“During the New Year holidays hotels were so expensive in Whistler but Liz and I wanted to spend some time in the mountains. We were so glad to find Hastings Overland and with Maxwell’s wonderful (basically 24/7) customer service, we felt prepared to camp in the winter time despite being first timers at sleeping in a tent exposed to the elements. The Jeep and all of it’s accessories could seem a bit overwhelming for non off-road types but after a quick intro to our sweet ride we felt pretty cool and confident driving away towards the mountains with everything we could possibly need. We look forward to doing it again in the summer time for a week long trip! ”

— Patrick Chan, Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist

“Renting this Jeep was the best experience we’ve had in Vancouver so far! Completely exceeded our expectations! Amazing customer service the entire process, equipment was impeccable (and sexy), and the planned itinerary was perfect for our needs. For two Aussi tourists who want to see Canada but don’t have the equipment, Hastings gave us the perfect opportunity to explore and experience Canada’s backroads like no tour could ever do! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a special experience without the stresses associated with camping/4x4!!”

— Jasmine Kasbergen, Australia

“Hastings Overland is top notch! Right from the start we were greeted with exceptional customer service, given the rundown on how everything operated, and on the road down the Oregon Coast in no time! For someone that loves the outdoors but hasn’t built up all my own camping gear, this was the perfect all-inclusive home on wheels.They really think of it all! Not only am I obsessed with Jeep’s now but also the rooftop tents! Have already recommended to all my friends and family. Will be booking again for sure!”

— Hannah Shaddick, Vancouver

“Flying over from Australia to road trip around British Columbia and Alberta for two weeks, our aim was to drive down backcountry roads and camp in unique places with beautiful scenery for backdrops. Hiring a camper jeep from Hastings Overland gave us the opportunity to do such a thing; the whole experience is what made the trip and I couldn’t even imagine doing it any other way! Right from the start, Maxwell was incredibly helpful answering all of our never ending queries before we left, and proposed trip itineraries with such detail (amazing camping spots!), and the Jeep was so well set up with all the essential camping items plus more. Thank you Maxwell for creating such an amazing journey for us, this Canadian adventure was one to remember!!”

— Bernie Anne, Australia