September: What we're crushing on

We’re a big fan of supporting aligning local businesses that produce quality-made goods, and folks who fully embrace the PNW lifestyle. Here’s a few items (and people) that we’re crushing on this month.   


From wildlife, to travel adventures to quintessential beauty of the Pacific Northwest, @connorbroadfoot captures it all with a creative eye.  Do yourself a favour and toss him a follow to get some daily adventure inspiration popping up on your feed!




Coffee - Pick up your camping java on your way out of town at Matchstick Coffee Roasters. Conveniently located near the Hastings Overland warehouse, this micro-roastery sells eco-friendly, ethically-made coffee beans carefully roasted to perfection. You’ll be sippin’ from your rooftop tent in no time.  




Beer - Grab some locally-made beer from Doan’s Craft Brewing to reward yourself once you reach your destination. This small, family-run brewery in the heart of East Van (and also conveniently located near the Hastings warehouse) produces a small variety of well-crafted brews.  Our favourite is the Rye IPA!




Break the ice with your camp crew with Basecamp playing cards that include fun, conversation-prompting questions. From hilarious to deeper, philosophical questions, this is the perfect deck to use for your favourite game. Bonus: they come in a waterproof tin case, so you can bring them on your adventures hassle-free.





Who says you need to sacrifice style for practicality? The Sitka Duluth Roll-Top Scout backpack is the perfect bag for your overland trip; with the option of rolling the bag down to accommodate a small load or higher to pack everything you might need, it’s ideal for packing your clothes or just the necessities for those off-the-beaten track excursions.