Hastings Overland’s List of Attention-Worthy Initiatives: Part One

By: Rachel Louise Moore

Have you recently found some money between couch cushions and just can’t seem to figure out what to spend it on? Donate it!

The team at Hastings Overland has made it easier for you by selecting various Canadian organizations (that we love) that are need of donations in order to continue to give back to the environment and support wildlife.  

Grizzly Bear Foundation

This first organization has a mission that is near and dear to our hearts here at Hastings Overland.  The Grizzly Bear Foundation is the only Canadian organization focused solely on the wellbeing and protection of grizzly bears in North America.  Not only does the Grizzly Bear Foundation run educational programs at schools and work with the First Nations in order to plan ways that bears and humans can gracefully co-exist in communities, but they also are leaders of research in the field. The Grizzly Bear Foundation distributes research detailing the current state of grizzly bears, the importance of grizzlies to our ecosystem, and the impacts of human contact.  Along with this research come recommendations as to what actions need to be taken or prioritized in order to protect the species from endangerment.


Photo by Thomas Lefebvre

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre

Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Pacific Salmon Foundation is a perfect segue from the Grizzly Bear Foundation, because without plentiful amounts of wild salmon, bears simply cannot survive.  Not only do bears rely on salmon as a food source, but whales and bald eagles appreciate fresh salmon sashimi as well. This Vancouver-based charitable organization seeks to “protect, conserve, and restore” salmon populations living within British Columbia and the Yukon.  The Pacific Salmon Foundation raises funds, financially supports volunteer groups, conducts research to advance the science needed to increase salmon populations and works directly with the government to prioritize the conservation and of pacific salmon. The Pacific Salmon Foundation also has multiple active initiatives that strive to prevent human damage, in the form of recreational activities and litter, to our valuable watersheds.  As mentioned in our previous blog post “5 Reasons Why We Love Bears”, salmon (when dragged from the water by bears) also help fertilize our forests and keep trees healthy.



Raincoast Conservation Foundation

 The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is a science-based organization, which focuses on protecting wildlife species while learning about species and processes occurring along the coast.  Their flagship projects include protecting wild salmon, wolves, grizzly bears, marine mammals, marine birds and pacific herring. The Raincoast Conservation Foundation states that trophy hunting, overfishing, the exploitation of food resources and the forestry industry is contributing to the loss of habitats, displacement and starvation of the wildlife species that are valuable to British Columbia. They strongly believe in ethical research methods and host many community events (at the Patagonia Vancouver location and Capilano University!) to raise donations for their flagship projects.


BC Whales

BC Whales is a Vancouver Island-based non-profit organization concerned with protecting not only whales, but also dolphins and porpoises.  As stated by BC Whales, their goal is to “understand the habitat needs of whales through dedicated research programs and collaboration with coastal First Nations communities.” In terms of whales, three species that we have along the coast of British Columbia, the fin whale, orca whale and humpback whale, have been deemed “species at risk.”  The BC Whales organization gladly accepts donations to further their efforts and research, but also provides people with the opportunity to sponsor a humpback whale! Now that sounds pretty worthwhale. 


Photo by Luc Tribolet

Photo by Luc Tribolet

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