7 Reasons Why Hastings Overland Loves Fall Camping

By Rachel Louise Moore

When it comes to road trips, most of us don’t need any convincing that British Columbia is rich with options. Luckily, our fall months are completely stunning and mild, yet cool, in temperature which makes our camping season significantly longer (and more enjoyable) than some in other provinces. The team at Hastings Overland believes that few things are more underrated than camping in the fall season. This is why we are sharing the reasons that make embarking on a camping trip after the summer winds down, an awesome idea.

1. Money! Money! Money! Now that I have your attention, this is the perfect time to advertise that our daily rate drops by a whole $50.00/day during the months of September and October. It is also common for campsites to lower their rates for the fall months. These savings can help fund another future trip with Hastings Overland, or can be put towards some sweet activities offered around BC such as fishing, whale watching, mountain biking, white water rafting, winery visits or brewery tours. Alternatively, the saved money could also be put towards new camping gear or other equipment (we’ll see you on the spike ball court).

2. Less crowds equals a lesser chance of being bothered by crying babies, campsite neighbours with abnormally loud laughs or snoring dads. Also, school is back in session, meaning that campsites will have a lot less children! Here at Hastings Overland, we actually love kids, though this post definitely makes it sound otherwise.

3. The leaves are changing colours, which means that the possibilities of Instagrammable photos are truly endless.

A photo of you tossing leaves in the air? ✓

A photo of your coffee mug surrounded by the fall foliage? ✓

Not only will your phone be filled with high quality photos, but your lungs will also be filled with the crisp, fall air. This perfectly leads us to our next point.

4. The weather is cooler, and evening temperatures are around 6-8 degrees. This brisk air can make hiking much more enjoyable, and there’s a good chance that you’ll sleep better too. You can finally wear that matching sweat suit you purchased, with the hoodie strings tied tightly to frame your face, when you crawl into your sleeping bag for the evening.

5. Forests are feeling (and appear) much more hydrated, meaning that the chances of an active fire ban are less likely. This way you can build a campfire, roast marshmallows and grill weenies to your heart’s content, knowing that you will not be starting a forest fire. For a classic s’mores recipe, stay tuned for our upcoming blog post “H.O Approved Camping Recipes for the Adventurous Foodie”.

6. Coffee is more enjoyable when you are bundled up in a cozy sweatshirt, mug in hand, and overlooking views of the mountain, lake or ocean. If coffee is not your thing, hot chocolate also pairs really well with breathtaking forest scenery and crisp mornings.

7. There are less bugs. I don’t think I need to expand on this point too much, but I will just for kicks. If you aren’t a “big bug guy” then fall camping is for you. With less bugs, there is less of a chance you will have to fish a creepy crawler out from your plastic wine glass, or zap some pesky mosquitos out of your tent with a tennis-racket-bug-zapper.

Fall Camping.JPG
Maxwell Webster