Making the Choice: Overlanding or RVing (Campervanning)

Sure, we understand, it’s a tough decision to choose between the ol’ faithful and the new kid on the block. But just like when you compare that vintage “Apollo” road bike to a modern day “all-terrain” mountain bike, the differences can be drastic. Scroll for a highlighted look at the reasons to choose overlanding over RVing.

An apartment on wheels.

Why are you getting out of town in the first place? Is it to connect with nature? Free yourself from your everyday life? To get out of that crammed apartment you live in? What better way to get out of your place than to get into someone else's! All jokes aside, RVs can be a close trade-off for a small, one-bedroom apartment. You essentially have everything you are trying to leave behind at home: a kitchen, bedroom, and living space...not exactly the most “freeing” of your everyday life. Stuffy and at times crammed, depending on who you’re traveling with, is the reality of RVing. While it may be close to home, that in itself is the main issue.

Overlanding takes those familiar places and feelings and tosses them right out the window. While not giving up the comfortable sleep you get at home, you rid yourself of the clutter and routine that got you out on vacation in the first place.

Overlanding Vancouver Island

Welcome to the community.

Cue the “Hey neighbour!”’s - a classic first greeting chosen by many of your new weekend residence guests. Alongside the “we’ve been here for a week!”’s and the “come on over for a drink later!”’s, these interactions are the ones that firmly welcome you to the community. While not all interactions on the road are terrible, they can be very random. For some, this may be an added joy to traveling the open road. For others, it can be a nightmare. What we know for sure is RV parks and public camping sites are the harsh reality that come with renting an RV.

With no risk of awkward exchanges at the public bathrooms, overlanding also gives you the freedom and power to pick exactly where you want to camp out each day. No restrictions, no nosey neighbours.

Overlanding versus Campervaning

Highways it is.

Bumps in the road, literally and metaphorically happen sometimes when you’re on a road trip. Some people use caution when they near and others invite them with open arms. RV trips allow for one option only, smooth open roads, simply because they are bulky by design, heavy by nature, and very difficult to maneuver for many. Not to mention, in most cases, your RV’s insurance gets tossed out the window when that smooth pavement turns into dirt. No scaling tight ridge lines, navigating over river beds, or splashing in mud puddles for the RV… aka no fun stuff!

A vehicle that can handle any road condition gives the driver confidence and gets them stoked to explore the backroads. The search for the next best spot on the journey always proves to be a highlight when overlanding.

Off Roading Overlanding Rental

Photos from a recent trip with @victoraerden & @melanielynnn_.