October: What we're crushing on

Road trip tunes, our favourite Instagram account, cozy fall camp-wear, and local food; some companies are doing some neat things in and around Vancouver. Here are our favourite October finds to get you through the autumn season. 

Get social

We’re crushin’ hard on the @winterhawksstudio Instagram account. This talented wilderness photographer based in Northern BC captures local scenery and up-close-and-personal wildlife with a creative eye.


Get Cozy

Camping for multiple days means limited showers and greasy hair. Not hot. Throw on this knit toque for an effortless “I woke up like an outdoorsman (or woman)” look that will keep you as warm as it will stylish, while covering up the greasy mop.  Bonus: Ten Tree plants ten trees for every purchase, hence the name. They’re as socially and environmentally responsible in their production of clothes and accessories as they are in their reforestation process.  Win, win. 

Good Eats

Get inspired to eat well during your overland trip with this cookbook that was the brainchild of Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanHeller during a camping trip in Squamish, BC. Inspired to write about Canada’s food and culture, the pair took off on a road trip across the entire country. Over 80 contributors are featured, including farmers, grandmothers, First Nations elders and acclaimed chefs, and have shared their most beloved regional recipes, with Lindsay and Dana contributing some of their own favourites. 


Capture Your Moments

Snap and print the moments of your overland adventure instantly with this Fujifilm polaroid camera.  Whether you want to put the photos up on your fridge or put them in a frame, this camera captures the spontaneity and simplicity of your trip.  

Road Trip Tunes

Our auxiliary cords give you the luxury of choosing your ideal road trip playlist.  This month we're crushing on local Vancouver band, Peach Pit, whose vibes are the perfect match for an overland adventure.