Driving the 101 to Oregon: Why it's worth a trip across the border

If you’re in need of  a change of scenery, Oregon is an ideal destination to put on your summer bucket list. While the I5 is a quicker route from Vancouver to Oregon, we’d rather take the scenic journey along Highway 101.  The 101 hugs the 363 kilometre coastline along the entirety of the state, from the Columbia River to the California border, and offers stunning views and photo opportunities. If the hundreds of pristine, white-sand beaches aren’t enough for you to make the trip, here are some more reasons why Oregon should be on your radar:

  1. Not only will you experience multi-kilometre long beaches, you’ll relish in the diversity of the region. Get stoked to pass through old growth forests of surrounding state parks, small and quirky towns, historical sites, regions where you’ll spot wildlife and world-renowned surf spots.

  2. Oregon is a mere six-hour drive from Vancouver, and if time permits you’ll have the opportunity to pass through some awesome hiking regions in Washington en route.

  3. Exercise your taste buds at the many microbreweries dotted along the Oregon coastline

  4. The Oregon Coast is rated on of the most scenic roads in the world, so you’ll get automatic bragging rights upon your return home.

  5. There’s no shortage of campsites, rec sites and state parks to spend the night, not to mention opportunities to take unknown backgrounds to create your own camping destination.

  6. Allow your sense of adventure to lead you to some of the world’s largest sand dunes on the central coast.