Why Wells Gray Provincial Park should be on your summer bucket list

There aren’t many places that hit our core quite like Wells Gray Provincial Park.


Located in east-central British Columbia, Wells Gray protects most of the southern Cariboo Mountains and is nestled just three and a half hours from iconic Jasper, Alberta.

Waterfalls, volcanic plateaus, canyons, peaks and untouched territory make up the 1.3 million acres of the park. There is no shortage of bodies of water in Wells Gray; with 39 waterfalls, a number of pristine, glacier-fed lakes and a multitude of rivers, the park is a natural playground.  The rugged terrain is also home to Canada’s quintessential wildlife, and sighting of bears, deer, coyotes and foxes are not uncommon.

Frolic amongst the old-growth forest or take a relaxing boat ride with Clearwater Lake Boat Tours and learn about the surrounding area. Bonus: Ray, the man behind the operations of the tour company, is a solid dude and will hook you up with a local smoked trout lunch before heading back to shore!


Set up camp at Clearwater Lake to sleep beside the tranquil water, or head further off the beaten path to Silvertip Falls Rec Site to spend the night at the foot of the waterfall.  Tip: rec sites are usually less busy as they are more difficult to get to, and don’t require reservations.

Make sure you bring your bug spray to ward off the mosquitos that can be gnarly at this time of the year!