Overlanding defined

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The Overland Journal defines ‘overlanding’ as “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.”

Overlanding means embracing the adventure that lies in the process of getting to unpopulated places where you can watch the stars hearing only crickets in the background and lie amidst the mountains with no sight of light pollution. We believe that the journey is amplified by the music that sets the vibe, the road trip snacks, the smell of fresh air blowing through the open window, the adrenaline of watching wildlife cross that unknown backroad, the sunrise behind the mountains while you sip your coffee and the feeling that you’re not just seeing a place, but that you’re experiencing it - at ground level.  Having the independence to go where you want and when you want allows you to have spontaneous encounters you never expected, dip your toes into the unknown and come home with some badass stories.

Overlanding means doing whatever it takes to get where you’re being called to, even if that place may be nameless on a map or beyond where you ever thought possible.  

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Happy overlanding! 

Maxwell Webster