What to pack for your overland adventure

Hastings Overland_6.JPG

Although we provide the essentials to create a wicked camping experience, there are a few extra things we recommend bringing to enhance your trip.  With just a bit of planning, you’ll be able to fit the following into the vehicle:


Bedding - Bring a sleeping bag & pillow for cozy nights in your rooftop tent

Wet Wipes - The perfect hand-washing alternative when you aren’t near running water

Sun screen - Let’s avoid farmer’s tans and sunglass lines this summer…

Phone charger - The good news is that you can disconnect… and reconnect when you want to. We provide power outlets in the vehicles so you won’t run out of juice.

Bevvies - Happy hour, with the people you love, in the outdoors… need we say more? Don’t forget to grab some ice for the cooler to keep your food and drinks cold!

Food - Take a look at our crowd-pleasing camping recipes for inspiration. We provide a cooler and two bins for storage.

Deck of cards - The fool-proof camping game. The options are endless!

Portable speaker - Assuming that you want to hear music louder than what your phone allows, bring your portable speaker and recharge it in the vehicle.

Bear horn - Just in case you have a friendly run-in with these curious beasts, bring a bear horn to keep yourself feeling safe. Good news: you’ll be sleeping 8 feet above ground!

Small bag of clothing -  Pack warm socks for cool evenings, sandals for easy-wear, running shoes or hiking boots for outdoor exploring, a rain jacket (just in case), a bathing suit (you never know where you’ll run into a waterfall!), a towel, a light sweater or vest, extra shirts, pants, shorts and warm sleepwear.