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If we have a question, what is the best way to reach out?

Email works best ( but you can also reach us using WhatsApp (+1-250-893-6073) or through our Instagram (@hasingsoverland)

If it says you are fully booked during our preferred dates, what should we do?

Contact us! Sometimes we are able to shift the Jeeps around to make room for you.

Why we should choose Hastings Overland?

One word: Quality. Quality service, vehicles, gear, response times, unique trip plans, and enthusiasm for all parts of the process. We also encourage our customers to explore the backcountry and we’re proud to be the only company allowing off-road driving. Plus, we love what we do and believe it shows!

What do past customers say about their trips?

Please check out our reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, and Facebook.

What are the main advantages of the custom trip planning service?

Not only do we allow you to see BC like a local by showing you places not found on the internet but we also act as a consultant for your trip. Many of our customers initially are subject to the “do it all, see it all” syndrome and we help provide tips and expert advice to ensure they’re planning a trip that focuses on quality instead of quantity.

What does one of your trip plans look like?

Head over to our "Trips" page and request an example trip plan.

Should we be worried about weather in September/October?

This is where our trip planning services come in handy. Should you be worried about weather high in the alpine in the Rockies in October? Probably. But we are here to help you plan the trip that is right for your “BC bucket list” but also the time of year.

How do we prevent encounters with wild animals (bears, cougars)?

Each Jeep comes with a “Hastings Overland Manual” which will help prevent these types of encounters with tips and tricks. Further, at orientation we will review all of this with you.

Are your Jeeps and tents child-friendly?

Absolutely! The Jeeps can be equipped with child seats of all sizes and the tents have screens on each entry point with zippers that can be tucked away out of reach from the adventurers-in-training.

If we ask questions, when should we expect to hear back?

We aim to respond to all customer inquiries within 12 hours.

What’s the difference between your vehicles and a traditional campervan or RV?

Head over to our blog and check out the post titled "Making the Choice: Overlanding or RVing (Campervanning)"

We are new to camping; is this for us?

Absolutely! Once you arrive at our depot we will go over every piece of gear that requires explanation: How to open the tent, operate the stove, how to use four-wheel drive, etc. There is no time limit on the orientation and our number one goal is to make sure you leave our depot feeling prepared and empowered to adventure with confidence! We also supply satellite messengers in the vehicles in case you guys are out of service and require help.

Do I require an international drivers license?

All foreign tourists are required to have a valid driver's license from their home country. As long as you are not driving in BC for over six weeks you will not require an international drives license.

Can I drive off-road?

That's what they're built for! Not only is it permitted, it's encouraged.

Does the daily rate reduce for the longer duration rentals?

Unfortunately not.

How much room is in the back for luggage?

There is the entire back bench seating plus half of the rear tailgate area open for luggage. If luggage space is an issue, you’re more than welcome to store your luggage at our secured depot for the duration of your trip.

Is insurance included?

No. Insurance is $30/day for all international customers. Local customers are required to also carry a policy but have the option of purchasing through ICBC as well. Unlike most vehicle rental companies, our vehicles are insured (and encouraged) to travel on un-paved back roads and trails!

Can I pick up or return the vehicle at a later time than specified?

Pick up can be any time between 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. If a time is required that falls outside these hours we will do our best to accommodate.

How much of a reservation deposit is required?

A reservation deposit equal to 25% of the invoice total is required to confirm your booking. This will be calculated during the booking process.

Can I rent the vehicle one way?

Hastings Overland will entertain one-way rental proposals only prior to renting the Vehicles for an agreed upon rate which compensates for the transit costs and the loss of revenue while the vehicle is unable to be rented.

Does the rental include a satellite phone?

No. Satellite phones can be rented from Hastings Overland on a daily rate. Please let us know you will require one at the time of booking and we can coordinate the logistics to ensure you have one reserved for your trip. We do provide One-Way Spot Satellite Messengers though.

Are animals allowed?

As much as we love animals, we know that some of our customers may be allergic to them and therefore do not allow them in the vehicles or roof top tents.

How old do I have to be to drive the vehicle?

Driver's must be 21 years of age and the driver’s license cannot be a learner’s, novice or similarly restricted license. The license must have been held for at least one year and be valid for the whole length of the rental.

Can the vehicles be driven into the US?

Yes. Please notify us if you chose to cross the border to ensure a seamless border crossing.

Can I get picked up from the airport or my hotel?

Yes. Please contact us ahead of time and let us know you require a pick up. We will coordinate a pick-up and drop-off for you for an additional fee subject to pick-up location.

How far can I drive the vehicle? Am I limited on the amount of distance I can drive each day?

You may drive the vehicle as many kilometres (km) as you would like; however, each rental includes 200 km's per day. If you use more than 200 km per day, each additional KM driven over that allotment will be charged at $0.40/km.

If I have a 4 day rental and I drive 100 km day one, 400 km day two, 0 km day three and 100 km day four, do I have to pay additional distance charges?

No. The total rental period is 4 days, giving you 200 km per day. This creates a total of 800 km over the four days. This example only uses 600KM.

Can we camp in areas that are not designated campsites?

The short answer is yes. However, unless these spots have been recommended by Hastings Overland we recommend keeping to the recreational, private, and provincial campsites.

How much do the campsites cost? And do they accept credit cards?

Campsites range from free to approximately $40 for some private sites with a wide range of amenities. If a custom Hastings Overland trip plan is purchased these fees will be specified.

Is there a damage deposit required?

Yes. $2,500 is the required deposit and will be taken in the form of a pre-authorization. All credit cards are accepted other than American Express.

I’m travelling solo; is this suitable for me?

Absolutely! We do solo trips quite often when the Jeeps are free.

Why is the Satellite Messenger fee mandatory?

Because we care about your safety! Things can happen and in the case of an emergency we want to make sure you have access to us and emergency services.

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